The Way We Breed

   Puppies bred here are the product of careful, selective breeding and whelped to the highest possible standards.  Our home raised and loved puppies are born in the spare bedroom, and are moved into our family room when they are 5 weeks old.  We also believe in adding the bio sensor method to our puppy rearing, which is a series of exercises we do with each puppy from 3 days to 16 days.  This method consists of a particular way of handling each puppy to jump-start their neurological system.  We have seen a definite difference in the way our puppies respond to new situations and have noticed that our bio-sensored pups have a fearless attitude about life in general. To read more about the bio-sensor method, go to Breeding Better Dogs

     No dog is bred without being fully tested for genetic diseases, and we offer a written health and temperament guarantee on all puppies.  We breed to a high standard for the show ring, and require loving homes for puppies which we agree to sell.

     All puppies sold as family pets are placed on a limited registration and with a signed agreement for spaying or neutering. This simply means that while your puppy is registered with the AKC, you are not being sold a dog for breeding purposes.  We believe responsible dog ownership involves spaying or neutering your pet. We also strongly encourage new owners to follow new vaccine protocols.  Yearly boosters are not only unnecessary, they can also compromise the health of your new puppy or older dog.    Vaccine Information and Protocols     The Whole Dog

     We provide a follow-up service for all our dogs and ask purchasers to return the puppies to us if circumstances should change.  In this way we try to obtain the best possible homes for the dogs we breed.

     If you are interested in owning one of our puppies, or any older dog now or in the future, you are most welcome to visit our home and meet our dogs.  At the present time, 3 generations of Cocker Spaniels can be seen.