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Owning a Puppy


cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels are a VERY special  breed. They are intelligent, loving  dogs, and are VERY people oriented. They  are NOT the breed for you if you do not have someone home at least part of the  day, if you are not prepared to brush and comb them at least once a week  (professional grooming is needed at least every 6 weeks), if you are not  prepared or do not have time to take a puppy to puppy socialization classes or  obedience classes. You should start  out with puppy socialization classes when the puppy is young, as well as  exposing your new puppy to new places and people. If you are not prepared to make a commitment to grooming and training  your Cocker Spaniel puppy, then maybe this is not the breed for you.

Cocker Spaniels make wonderful family  pets, provided you purchase from a responsible breeder, with healthy,  well-tempered dogs. All Cocker  Spaniels are not the same. There  ARE health problems that occur in this breed, and indiscriminate breeding  perpetuates a great deal of these problems.  A well-bred cocker is not inexpensive. If you cannot, at the time you want to purchase a puppy, afford the price  from a good breeder, PLEASE save up until you can, rather than purchase a  nightmare from a pet shop, or from an inexperienced owner who’s house pet just  happens to have a litter.

What does it cost to raise a   litter?

We do have puppies and adults  available on occasion; we do not sell dogs strictly for breeding, only for pet  or show purposes. We may have one or two litters a year, and if we do not have  any puppies, we will refer you to other responsible breeders.    Another great option to buying a puppy is adopting a rescue dog.  Many are   in need of homes, and are available for a small adoption fee.  There is no   greater reward than giving a rescue dog a second chance.  It can cost over $5,000 to have a litter.  Frequently the price of a puppy is based on cost recovery for the litter.    

English foxhounds

The English Foxhound is a large and challenging breed for the companion or home pet.  They are very intelligence and demanding.  It is best if they are located in homes with a training background and a fenced in yard.  They are a surprising affection breed that grows quite attached to it's owners.  They can grow to be from 60 to a 100 pounds.  They have no known breed health defects, and are known for there ability to use their scent hound capabilities to sniff out find animals, food and anything on your counters!